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SpankSwap is the ideal way for spanking webmasters to promote their sites and increase traffic. It takes no more than a moment. Just signup, paste the link code into one or more of your high traffic pages and you're done. Other spanking sites all over the net will display your banner to eager spankos in search of raised skirts, lowered panties, red and welted bare bottoms and tear-stained faces.

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Once you have the SpankSwap link code in place, you will earn a credit every time one of your pages loads with the link code in it. The visitors to your site earn the credits for you. SpankSwap displays your site's banner once for every 1.5 credits you earn. So for example, if your page has 600 visitors in a day your site's banner will be shown 400 times on other spanking sites on the same day. In addition, you earn a bonus of 10 credits every time a surfer clicks on one of the banners displayed on your pages. So it pays to place the banner in a good position.

Comprehensive statistics! SpankSwap - Stats
Of course, you'll want to keep track of your daily credits and click-thrus. SpankSwap keeps your stats continuously updated. In your SpankSwap account area you can see overall, daily or monthly stats of the banners shown on your site, clicks from your site, your banners exposures, clicks on your banner, percentages and ratios.

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SpankSwap will answer your email within 24 hours and frequently faster! So, if you have a problem, just explain it using the email form and our linkmaster will get right on it!

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